Wipeout Pressure Washing: Marketing Consulting

Business Overview

Revact Media partnered with Wipeout Pressure Washing to elevate their business through marketing consulting, focusing on optimizing ad spend and social media.

Small Business Challenges

As a small business in a competitive market, Wipeout Pressure Washing sought to strategically allocate its marketing budget, aiming to attract new customers through social media and establish a strong online footprint effectively.

Digital Solutions

1. Marketing Consulting 

Provided in-depth insights and recommendations to streamline advertising process and optimize marketing spend.

2. Digital Marketing Foundation 

Assisted with crucial digital assets like email, domain acquisition, and website design to lay a solid foundation for digital growth.

3. Strategic Campaigns

Implemented test campaigns on social media to refine advertising tactics, using compelling content and multimedia to boost engagement.

Final Results

The partnership led to a robust online presence, and improved market positioning, showcasing our commitment to supporting small businesses with actionable strategies and measurable outcomes.

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