Bubble Tea & Acai Bowl from Exotic Snacks: Grand Opening and Social Media Campaign

Revact Media joined forces with Exotic World 305, a hidden gem in Westchester, Miami, FL for a project that aimed to improve their digital marketing efforts and launch a successful grand opening campaign.

Client Profile

Client: Exotic World 305
Industry: Food and Beverage
Location: 7842 SW 24th St, Miami, FL 33155
Challenge: The goal was to enhance Exotic World 305's online visibility and ensure a successful grand opening for their new bubble tea venture in Westchester, Miami, FL focusing on driving foot traffic and building a solid customer base.


  • To optimize Exotic World 305's Google pages for top search result placement.
  • To revamp their Instagram profile with a focus on SEO, engaging content, and audience-specific hashtags.
  • To provide strategic business consultation, focusing on maximizing reach within a budget.
  • To ensure the success of the grand opening with an impactful advertising campaign.

Strategy and Approach

Google Page Optimization

We meticulously optimized Exotic World 305's Google pages to secure a top position in search results, ensuring that anyone searching for exotic snacks or bubble tea in the area would find them first.

Instagram Facelift

Our team gave their Instagram profile a complete makeover, introducing vibrant graphic designs, engaging reel videos, and a bio optimized for SEO. Our efforts turned their Instagram into a lively and attractive platform for potential customers.

Strategic Business Consultation

We held detailed discussions to understand Exotic World 305's vision and provided practical strategies to enhance their reach and customer engagement while staying within budget.

Grand Opening Success

The culmination of our efforts was a successful grand opening campaign for Exotic World 305's Bubble Tea venture. Our targeted advertisements, highlighting their unique offerings and special promotions, drew in crowds and established a loyal customer base.

Results and Impact

Our collaboration with Exotic World 305 significantly boosted their online presence and foot traffic. The strategic optimization of their Google pages and Instagram profile, coupled with our effective grand opening campaign, positioned them as a must-visit spot in Miami for exotic snacks and bubble tea. The successful launch not only attracted immediate customers but also laid the foundation for sustained growth and brand recognition.

Revact Media is proud of its role in transforming Exotic World 305's digital presence and contributing to their real-world success, exemplifying our commitment to delivering tailored solutions and tangible results.

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