Nutrition Industry: Marketing Experience

During my journey with BariMelts, I experienced significant personal and professional growth, which profoundly impacted my capabilities as a marketer. Although this endeavor was not under the agency's umbrella, it played a pivotal role in enhancing my expertise and experience.

Influencer Copywriting:

I honed my skills in crafting persuasive video scripts for influencers. These scripts not only led to engaging content but also paved the way for compelling ads and organic social media posts.

Landing Pages:

I took charge of creating high-converting landing pages, refining my ability to optimize user experiences and drive conversions.

Email Marketing:

Crafting and implementing effective email flows became second nature, allowing for more engaging and impactful audience interactions.


Venturing into TikTok, I introduced BariMelts to the platform, establishing their presence, and collaborating with over five influencers within the Bariatric community. This strategic move expanded their reach and significantly contributed to their success.

My journey with BariMelts, while not affiliated with the agency, was a crucial chapter in my personal and professional development as a marketer. It reinforced my commitment to delivering impactful digital marketing solutions.

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